How Your Favorite Celebrities Are Celebrating Thanksgiving

Ever wonder what your favorite celebrities are up to on the holidays? Here is a list of some of our favorite celebrity moms and dads and the plans they have for this Thanksgiving.

JENNIFER LOPEZ, 42 (American Idol): I’m just going be with my babies [Max and Emme, 3]. We’ll cook a turkey, which will be good, and then we’ll eat it!

KYLE RICHARDS, 42 (The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills): My sister Kim and I have competitions with our turkeys on Thanksgiving, and my sister Kathy loves my famous mashed potatoes. I really have fun  cooking during the holidays. My kids love to help me. It’s just family tradition to have everyone cooking together, and we have holiday parties as well.

JANE LYNCH, 51 (Glee): A lot of eating! We eat with friends. We like the basics, the good stuff — the turkey and all that. But our friends bring new and weird things to dinner. Last year someone brought a pork butt! And it was delicious! Shaking it up on Thanksgiving!

MARK CONSUELOS, 40 (Standing on Ceremony: The Gay Marriage Plays): I’m looking forward to turning off the phones, shutting off Twitter and relaxing.

KENDRA WILKINSON, 26 (E! reality star): Being together and staying at our house as a family for once — just me,Hank and baby Hank — that’s all we need this year. I tried to cook last year and it was a huge mess. I tried to make homemade stuffing and it was the worst, nastiest mistake I ever made.

DAVID ARQUETTE, 40 (Dancing With the Stars): I love seeing my family. We all live in the same city, but life happens, so we don’t tend to see the whole group that often. I’m a big turkey eater. And I love sweet potatoes!

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