Bryce Dallas Howard Talks Baby’s Due Date And More

At the premiere of ‘When You Find Me‘, expectant mom Bryce Dallas Howard dished on her pregnancy and upcoming delivery.

Bryce shared that she’ll be delivering her baby out of the country around the holidays.  I’m guessing she means Canada, where husband Seth Gabel is filming ‘Fringe’.

“I’m actually going to be out of the country. I’m going there to be with him because it’s around the time of the birth.  The whole family’s coming with me.”

Bryce also shared that despite her best intentions, the baby weight situation “is what it is”:

“My first pregnancy I gained 75 pounds. I had every intention … I told myself, ‘I am going to be so fit this pregnancy,’  But I have pound for pound been the same weight at every single milestone! I’m German — my body wants to carry like a tank. It is what it is.”

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