Salma Hayek Talks About Strong Women In O Magazine

Actress Salma Hayek is featured in December’s O Magazine.  In the “Aha Moment” column, the celebrity mom of Valentina chats about role models and motherhood.

On her role models:

“People often ask me if I have a role model—another actress I admire, or someone in my life I aspire to be like. For years I wasn’t sure how to answer. But when the question came up again recently, I finally realized that I’ve always been most moved by the women in my family who never became what they could have, who were magnificent in so many ways but who didn’t get to live to their full potential.”

On how they influence her mothering:
“Thinking about them [mother and grandmother] impacts every aspect of my life—including how I raise my daughter, Valentina. I want my little girl to tell me who she is so I can encourage her, and not impose my desires for her on her life. I want her to dream big and to know that if she is willing to earn it, she can have anything—and become anything.”

On achieving her own level of greatness:

“I realize now that I’ve hoped to be great—as an actress, as a mother—because I want to embody the greatness of women who didn’t get to be all they could have been.”

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