Five Baby Favor Ideas That Will Impress Your Shower Guests

Your baby shower is about celebrating the life of your newborn, but that doesn’t mean you can’t aim to impress and treat your guests with these fun baby favor ideas! is a great site to get all the goodies you need!

Whether you’re planning your own shower or you’re planning one for a friend or family member, it doesn’t hurt to check out some baby favors ideas that will impress the shower guests. Sure, the shower is all about the mom and celebrating the newborn she is expecting, but it’s still fun to express your style, your décor sense, and personality by treating guests to original, fun baby shower favors. Besides, how often do you get to shop for cute items like shower favors, let alone share them with your friends and family members? Once you see how many adorable favor ideas there are out there, we bet you won’t be able to resist!

  1. Personalized Brush and Mirror Compacts- Your guests will get a kick out of these clever shower baby favors, and will appreciate the use they get out of them, too. Choose any message you’d like, with a number of sticker and graphic designs to pick from.
  2. “Over the Moon” Vintage Moon Bookmark with Tassel in Nursery Rhyme Keepsake Book Box- These keepsake boxes with classic nursery rhyme appeal will wow them the minute they set eyes on them. Not only do they bring a touch of vintage style to your shower, but they are also super practical for your guests once they’re taken home.
  3. Personalized Mint Tins- The impressive thing about mint tin favors is that you have the chance to personalize them, and even once the mints are all used up, your guests can keep the tin as a nice keepsake. They can store small paperclips or other small office supplies in them, or they can refill them with new mints or candies.
  4. Egg Whisks and Kitchen Supplies- Egg whisks like the “About to Hatch” whisks are great baby favor ideas because they can be of real use to your guests for years to come. Other kitchen favors such as honey or sugar bowls are also handy and super cute.
  5. Personalized Coffee- Coffee favors are perhaps one of the best baby favor ideas out there! Almost anyone drinks coffee, so they’ll come in handy when they’re taken home, and they’ll spruce up your shower décor, too.

If you want to give your guests something memorable and you want to make a great impression the minute they arrive for your shower, try any of these clever baby favor ideas.

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