Report: Jamie Lee Curtis Pregnant At 52?

Rumor has it that 52-year-old actress Jamie Lee Curtis is pregnant!  I remained skeptical when I heard the wild rumor, until I opened up this link to an article in a German website and then started searching some recent photos of her.

In the gallery is a shot of Jamie Lee in June with a board-flat belly.  And then she’s photographed wearing some much looser clothing at the beginning of October (pink top), which isn’t unusual at all.  But then we have her at a Halloween function, wearing big clothing and using a picnic basket to hide a possible baby bump!  And then there’s this shot above from a few weeks ago.  Add all of this to the photo on the German site, and I’m starting to be convinced.  How about you?  Do you think it’s possible?

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  1. Leslie says

    I also have been seeing the obvious baby bump on Jaime Lee in the Activia commercials, the most recent version places her at a table so her belly is not visible at all. I am so convinced I have started making bets with friends. I figure she should be due before the end of June.

  2. Shay says

    I was just watching tv and one of those Activia commercials came on. At the very end it shows Jamie Lee with the other women chanting the end of the “ACTIV-e-UHHH!” jingle. She’s wearing a light color shirt with a belt around the belly, I actually rewound the clip and paused it…there it was! Total baby belly!

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