Snooki Talks Bullying, Boyfriends, & Babies

Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi talked to Parade magazine about childhood experiences that prepared her for fame, her A-list inspiration, and what she hopes life will look like ten years from now.

On how being bullied as a teen has prepared her for dealing with the haters: “I got bullied in high school. A lot of girls were so mean to me because their boyfriends wanted to hang out with me and my girls, so they pretty much bullied me to the point where I was crying at night. Now, if somebody says something negative to me, I’m just like, ‘Whatever.’ I laugh it off. Nobody can get to me at this point.”

On making things work with boyfriend, Jionni: “He doesn’t like to watch the episodes. He just doesn’t like anything a part of my life, so we’re just trying to keep our relationship as normal as possible. We try not to let anybody get to us.”

On her plans for the future: “Ten years from now, I would like to see myself successful as a brand, like Jessica Simpson, with babies running around and a beautiful husband and my own reality show.”

Check out Snooki’s full interview here.

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