Katie Holmes And Adam Sandler Talk Kids And Paparazzi With Rachael Ray

Adam Sandler and Katie Holmes are co-starring in the new film “Jack & Jill” and the comedy duo sat down to chat with Rachael Ray about kids, paparazzi, and more.  The show will air the full interview tomorrow, November 11th!

Katie thinks cooking takes too long:

“Yeah you know I like it but it takes too long. I’m one of those people who, I made Bolognese and it took six hours long and my kitchen was a disaster. [On baking] It doesn’t have as many ingredients, so it’s more controlled. “

Adam Sandler’s daughter tells him how to get rid of the paparazzi:

“ I’ll tell you what, this is the truth. The paparazzi annoy me, I don’t like it and I don’t like my kids being in it. I had my kid Sadie the other day, so we leave this restaurant and these buffoons are hanging out taking pictures I go you got the picture, go home, let me hang out with the kids. So they actually leave and Sadie goes ‘Daddy, you know how you can get them to stop taking your picture? Stop making so many movies’. I go ‘yeah you’re right!’”

Katie and Adam’s favorite holiday movies:

“ Well I like Christmas vacation.” – Katie

“Well now I feel bad about what mine is. Every year we sit and watch the Shining. We have to. I tell the kids, you know daddy can snap like that too. It’s about lessons.” – Adam

Katie dishes that Suri loves to dress up:

‘We are a glitter household and we are always into to dressing up. I used to change like fives times a day when I was little and sometimes I still do.”

Katie and Adam have the same hidden talent- wiggling their nostrils:

‘If you have a tight shot I can wiggle just my nostrils. Thats all I got Sorry. [Katie wiggles her nose] Oh you can do it too! Don’t steal my thunder.’ – Adam

What Katie would take if stranded on a deserted island:

“Three items on a deserted island. Underpants, blackberry, wanna stay in touch. And a mixer.”

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