Alanis Morissette Says She Wasn’t Prepared For Motherhood

As Alanis Morisette approaches the one year mark of her adventures in motherhood (her son Ever was born on Christmas day), she shared her experience (and inexperience) in a post on iVillage:

“I remain baffled at how little I was prepared for what was to come.”

“I had used, as usual, the I’ll-rise-to-that-occasion-when-I-get-there approach to the post-child-bearing journey.  So all my DVD-watching and focus went toward the birth experience itself, and how to prepare myself for that (as though I really could prepare for a Human. Being. Coming. Out. Of. My. Body). “

The celebrity mom gushed:

“Life literally and figuratively moved through me that morning of Dec. 25th.  Yet another example of life’s unsentimental and ruthless way of shaking me awake to the direct experience of being human.  I had no idea the person I’d always dreamed of becoming was being born at the exact same time.”

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