Singer Brandy Dishes On New Show And Raising Her Daughter With Honesty

Singer Brandy is a mentor on the new singing competition program ‘Majors and Minors‘ for The Hub, which features contestants from the ages of 10-16.  She shared that it was easy for her to relate to the kids because of her own daughter, Sy’rai, 9.

“Going in there with the intention of being honest and loving, and coming from a place of love, that’s what they took with them and that’s what they connected to. That’s how I raise my daughter. I’m open and honest with her, and that’s all I was with these kids.”

The series follows 12 kids as they try to score a record deal.  Brandy says the kids have inspired her:

“The show reminded me of how I started in this industry, of everything that I had gone through as a kid.  These kids know who they are and really want to be an inspiration. Of course they want to be famous and want people to know them, but they also want to be influential and inspiring and write songs that matter.

To work with people like that, it causes you to go, ‘Oh my God, I need to rethink my priorities, I need to rethink my dreams’.  I need to be just as fearless or get a little more confidence in my life.”

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