Selma Blair Has No Complaints About The Paparazzi

So often we hear the celebrities griping about the aggressive paparazzi presence in their lives, but actress Selma Blair has only good things to say!  She’s often the center of the pap attention with her new baby boy Arthur, but she doesn’t mind.  The new mom shared:

“If I were terribly rich and famous, I would say it comes with the territory. But I’m just a regular actor trying to get a job.  You’re an ass if you complain about it.”

She keeps a positive perspective about the situation:

“One day they will provide a scrapbook for me and that’s how I want to look at it.  Like, ‘Look, there’s a picture of me and daddy [Jason Bleick]. There’s me and baby.’”

Selma even says the photographers are nice guys:

“When you talk to them, the guys are all pretty nice.  I learn their names, say, ‘Hi.’”

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