Heather Locklear And Daughter Ava Open Up About Their Relationship

Heather Locklear and her daughter Ava Sambora sat down with People for their “gorgeous at any age” issue to chat about their mother/daughter relationship.  Heather and Ava admire each other equally.  Heather shared:

“I always say I want to come back as Ava Sambora. She has such confidence.”

Ava says of her mom:

“She is really, really funny. And even if she doesn’t know someone, she can click with them like that,”

Heather is very proud of her daughter, who has been doing some modeling and also landed a role in a new Judd Apatow comedy:

“She’s amazing. I was like, ‘Ava, did you do the thing where you have to get on your mark?’ And she was like, ‘Oh yeah Mom, it was fine,’.  Like she has done it forever. It’s not like we do this in our house! We don’t go, ‘Let’s play movie making — get on your mark.’”

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