Motherhood Has Shifted Busy Philipps’ Priorities

‘Cougar Town’ star Busy Philipps sat down with Parenting magazine to share the ways that becoming a mom (to daughter Birdie) has changed her.

She says that she is much more relaxed now:

“Becoming a mom allowed me to just relax in a way I never had before.  I used to care a lot about what I looked like in public or what people thought of me. I care at least 40 percent less now.  I want Bird to see her mom as a woman who is confident and real; not someone who’s always trying too hard.  I still like to dress up and get fancy from time to time, but it’s okay to be sweaty and without makeup at the grocery store … The bigger part, to me, is being Birdie’s mom, Marc [Silverstein‘s] wife, and how I’ve worked very hard to grow the past 10 or so years.”

Busy also makes sure that Birdie is her top priority:

“Birdie is always my first priority and I cherish the time we spend together … I try to schedule work things around that.  You know, like, ‘Yes, I’ll do your podcast, but only after 8 p.m.’”

She shares that the key to parenting is humor:

“I think that very early on I realized that if I couldn’t come at this parenting thing with humor, I would not only lose my mind, but probably my marriage as well.  I took great comfort in something I read in a Dr. Sears book which basically said to remember that the difficult moments will pass, and then at some point, you’ll long for the days when your child wanted nothing but to be held by you or rocked to sleep or breastfed for 10 hours straight.”

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