Brad Pitt Wants More Kids

In case you thought six kids was enough, Brad Pitt has expressed interest in having more children with Angelina Jolie.

The 47-year-old Moneyball star tells OK! that he and Jolie will likely add more children to their family, saying, “Probably. Most likely. Parenthood is the greatest and more important endeavor of my life. Why stop at this point?”

Photos by Pacific Coast News

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  1. says

    I Hope She Should Give Birth To Three More Kids This Time Triplets (1 Boy + 2 Girls), I Hope The Baby Boy Looks Like A Mini-Brad Pitt Rather Than Angelina Jolie And I Also Hope Two Newborn Triplet Baby Girls Looks Like A Mini-Angelina Jolie Rather Than Brad Pitt And They Should All Be Born In Los Angeles, California, Or Brad Pitt’s Hometown Shawnee, Oklahoma, Like Probably In Spring Of 2012 By The Time Pax Is 8 Years Old, Zahara is 7 Years Old, And When Shiloh Is 6 Years Old, I Hope Shiloh’s Hair Will Be Longer Locks, And I Hope Shiloh’s Eye Color Turns From Blue To Green/Hazel And I Also Hope Her Hair Will Be Darkened And It Will Be Changed From Yellowish Blonde To Medium/Dark Brown And I Hope She Should Quit And Stop Dressing Like A Tomboy And She Should Start Dressing Like A Girly Girl And When Brad And Angie Are Married She Should Be A Flower Girl Also Hope When Vivienne Jolie Pitt The Twin Sister Of Knox Jolie Pitt Turns 4 Years Old Her Hair Should Also Be Darkened So It Will Be Changed From Yellowish Blonde Hair To Medium/Dark Brown Hair And I Hope Vivienne’s Eye Color Turns From Blue To Green/Hazel Eyes And She Should Start Having Longer Hair. And I Hope Angelina And Brad Pitt Adopts Another Newborn Black Baby That Looks A Lot Like Zahara Marley Jolie Pitt. And It Could Be From Somalia

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