Hilary Duff Is Expecting A Baby Boy

Expectant mom Hilary Duff’s prediction turned out to be right – the actress and singer is expecting a baby boy!  She confirmed the news during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres:

“I haven’t told anyone yet. I wanted to tell you first. I just found out.  It’s a boy! I had a feeling it was a boy the whole time.”

She also shared how she told husband Mike Comrie that she was pregnant:

“My husband makes this joke that I think I’m pregnant like 12 times a year.  So when it actually happened he was in the shower.  I just ran in and he was in the shower and I just held up the test and I was like, ‘Oh my god.’  And he was like, ‘AHH!’ He was soaking wet. We were just like a mess and started crying. It was really exciting!”

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