Is Beyonce Wearing A Fake Baby Bump? (Video)

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There’s a flurry of controversy brewing on the internet today regarding this video clip of Beyonce’s baby bump. The singer was a guest on Australian show ‘Sunday Night‘ and as she sat down for the interview, it appeared as if her baby bump “folded up”. This has sparked a frenzy of rumors that the singer isn’t actually pregnant.

Take a look at the video and tell us what you think. Do you think it’s possible that it’s a prosthetic type device? Maybe she didn’t want anyone to know that she was adopting or using a surrogate? Or perhaps it’s a silly camera angle and wardrobe combination that has caused a whole lot of controversy for nothing?

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  1. Anon says

    Pretty sure Beyonce won’t be wearing anything more than once during her pregnancy or not.

    Also, it does look like it’s deflating, but again it could be the dress. Almost looks like she is tugging on it, but you can’t really see her hand. I would hope she isn’t trying to pull a fast one and has a surrogate hiding somewhere. For medical reasons – fine, but for vanity, please.

    I’m on the fence on this one.

  2. Lou says sort of just looks like her dress bunching to me. I can’t imagine that she would use a fake ‘bump’ but I guess stranger things have happened!

    • Anonymous says

      Yea i kinda agree with that, it does just look like her dress is bunchin up, i mean its a maternity dress most likely so its gona have extra material ther & especially if ur buyin it to wear several times throughout the pregnancy u want to have room to grow.


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