Julia Roberts Hasn’t Told Her Kids She’s Playing The Evil Queen In ‘Snow White’

Actress Julia Roberts is in the midst of filming one of the two new ‘Snow White‘ films hitting the big screen next year.  The mom of three says that she hasn’t told her kids, Henry, Phinneaus, and Hazel, that she’s playing the role of the Evil Queen.  She shares:

“I haven’t like spelled it out that I’m the Evil Queen.  Because I showed them [Disney’s] ‘Snow White’ and they had nightmares and they cried.”

Julia also shared that the dwarfs in the film are a little different than the originals:

“We don’t have the classic dwarfs. Our dwarfs have different names and personalities than the fairytale,”

Are you planning to see either of the films? They both look like interesting spins on the classic.

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