LeAnn Rimes Is Focused On Being A Great Stepmom

Singer LeAnn Rimes may technically be “stepmom” to her husband Eddie Cibrian’s two sons Mason and Jake, but she cringes at the word “step”.  She took to her blog to share:

“Step. Stepmother, Stepfather, Stepchildren — the word ‘step’ can take on such a connotation to so many in our society.  A family is a family. In my eyes. There’s no ‘step’ about it.”

“Eddie has always encouraged me to look at us as a family, and a part of our family are the two beautiful boys that we share with their mother and hopefully one day another wonderful man.”

“One thing that I know is, I will never replace their mother.  I would never try. I will however love them with all I have and do everything in my power to help raise them in a loving, safe and proper environment.”

“society will always call me a stepmom.  In our house, in our family, we remove the ‘step.’ We really are all… simply family.”

You can read the entire post on her site – it’s worth a read!

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  1. Anonymous says

    so by removing the “step” you consider yourself these boys “mother.” hmm. seems wrong.

  2. Andreah says

    Arg! Where’s the bucket so I can puke???
    This girl is disgusting!
    Why “hopefully” another man? Does she know if the woman wants another man? Please!
    I don’t even know what this home wrecker is doing in this family website!


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