Poppy Montgomery Shares Thoughts On Parenthood And The Only Reason She’d Get Married

Unforgettable‘ actress Poppy Montgomery took some time off from acting after the birth of her son Jackson and is now back and ready to take on work again in her new show.  She shared:

“[Taking care of Jackson was] more challenging than anything I’ve ever done at work. I can do a 20-hour day on set easier than I can do a full mommy day without a break; at work it’s your thing, and when you’re with your kids it’s all about them. But I loved it.”

Poppy shares her son with longtime boyfriend Adam Kaufman.  She says the two would tie the knot only if it’s something Jackson requested:

“If Jackson, our son, wanted us to [get married], I would for him because sometimes it’s important to kids, [but] marriage was never a priority for me. I feel like the bigger commitment is actually having a child together, that’s really forever. With marriage, you can get a divorce.”

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