Naomi Watts Talks Motherhood And Wooing Liev Schreiber In More Magazine

Actress and celebrity mom of two Naomi Watts is starring in two new movies ‘J. Edgar‘ and ‘Dream House‘.  She sat down for the October issue of More magazine to chat about her goals in parenting, wooing her partner Liev Schreiber, and being satisfied with her life.

On how her father’s death has changed her as a mother:

“I want them to feel connected to me and me to them. Always. I want them, above all, to feel sure of who they are. That they are safe in the world. And confident and happy people. And of course, connected. To their parents, their friends, their family, the world and themselves. This is the most important goal/dream in my life. Everything else is gravy.”

On how she wooed Liev Schreiber at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s annual costume ball:

“I was wearing Calvin Klein, a very flirty, feminine dress,” she says. Sparks flew and, free from earlier entanglements, the two exchanged numbers before she went back to Los Angeles. “We spoke on the phone for several weeks and emailed,” says Watts, “and then I made up some excuse to come to New York and the rest is history.”

On why she is glad she waited on motherhood:

“I think I’m a better parent. I had a lot I wanted to do when I was younger, and perhaps I wouldn’t have been as focused; I got a lot out of the way in terms of my own dreams.”

On truly being content:

“I have everything I need. I just want to keep healthy and happy. and world peace.”

You can read her full interview when the issue hits the stands on September 27th!

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