Tiffani Thiessen Says Harper Is Talking Up A Storm

Tiffani Thiessen’s little girl Harper is already 15 months old and her proud mama shares a few of her latest milestones:

“She’s talking up a storm.  Not walking anymore, now running. She loves swimming now. That’s her big thing. She loves to get in the pool with us.”

“From the 12-month to the 15-month mark has probably been her biggest stretch of [milestones]. She’s not a baby anymore. It’s funny.”

The ‘Blue Collar‘ actress says that she’s embracing the changes in her body caused by her pregnancy:

“It’s a new kind of body.  I don’t think after having a baby you go back to exactly what your body was before. And I’m totally okay with that. I’m kind of loving the more voluptuous look that I’ve got these days.”

“I weight train. I run.  And I’m getting back into yoga again, which I did a lot when I was pregnant. I like to change it up. My whole thing is doing something different all the time.”

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