Brad Pitt Talks Marriage And Alone Time With Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt is out promoting his new movie “Moneyball” and stopped by to chat with Ellen DeGeneres today.  The famous father of six shared that their house can get a bit chaotic, so he and Angelina Jolie “fly the coop” sometimes to get a little break:

“We carve out mommy and daddy time. It’s called a hotel.  You’ve got to get out of this house. You’ve got to leave.”

Ellen asked him about their marriage plans. Brad has shared in the past that they won’t tie the knot until marriage is legal for all couples.

“I’ve said that we would not be getting married until everyone in this country had the right to get married.  We live in this great country that is about freedom. It is defined by our freedom and equality and yet we allow this discrimination to go on every day and that’s not what we’re about. That’s not what makes us great. Until that is reversed, I just don’t get it.”

Brad did share that their kids are “putting on the heat” for them to get married.

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