Kate Gosselin Makes Her Way To The ‘Wendy Williams Show’

Kate Gosselin, made her way into the studios of The Wendy Williams Show in New York City on Monday (September 12).

Kate is the first guest on the season 3 premiere of the show. With the cancellation of her show, Kate Plus 8, Kate’s future is in limbo, leaving her wondering how she will continue to support her eight children.

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  1. Alona says

    I read an article about this khate gooselin where she grew up in a “poor” setting and she resented that. When she experienced a lavish life thru her reality series – well, there’s no turning back for this woman. Anyone in her shoes would not want to turn back. However, those “anyone” would be saving money for the rainy days and would maintain a “down to earth attitude.” Well, khate is different – suddenly she has this sense of “I AM ENTITLED TO ALL THESE BECAUSE OF MY 8 KIDS!” khate had built this imaginary boundary between her and us [the people]. khate is so absorbed in herself. Anyone can see how she forced herself to the networks and is defiant about not being able to work as a celebrity. khate has the right to pursue her lavish lifestyle – who’s to blame? TLC? corporate America? However, we the people, has the right to turn that channel and boycott that channel.

  2. Mary says

    If she would stop spending the money the FAMILY made on herself, and spend it on things that matter, like her children she wouldn’t be in such a panic about what to do. She says on her show that they’re set for a while, but with her expensive tastes in clothing, nails and her precious hair, the money will be gone before she knows it. And why in the heck did she buy a sports car?? There’s no reason for it. Grow up Kate, you’re not in your 20’s anymore. Time to put the cameras away, and focus on your family. They need their mom back, not the Diva that you’ve become. They could sell most of the land that their house lives on, and put that money towards the kids education. There’s no reason to have 25 acres of land. She can hardly take care of herself without her bodyguard being there to watch her kids. She’s a princess who doesn’t know how to do things for herself. That’s quite obvious after the episode from the RV trip. Everyone else is watching the kids except for their mother. Kate, get off your princess backside and start being the mother those kids so desperately need. Going to miss those kids, but not their diva Mother. They are better off with Jon in my opinion. At least he’s got his life straigtened out, and is starting to be more responsible again. Give Jon more than the 2 days a weekend that you claim he gets them. If it was up to me, it should be that Kate only gets them 2 weekends, and Jon gets them the rest of the time.

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