Kendra Wilkinson Shares Some Insight To Her Parenting Style

Reality star Kendra Wilkinson shared that she gets through some of the more challenging moments of motherhood with laughter.  She shares that the tactic works well when little Hank (almost 2 years old now) is having a meltdown:

“Don’t take everything so seriously. If he cries for two hours, I’m going to laugh at him for two hours because he’s turning 2. So he’ll go for about two hours screaming and crying non-stop and all he wants is me to pick him up.”

The proud mama says she’s raising a very caring little man:

“Baby Hank is the most thoughtful little boy. He cares so much about others, more than he cares about himself.  And whenever I see him share with someone or give someone a hug or be thoughtful, that’s the best thing to see … He naturally is a warm person.”

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