Could Simon Cowell Have Been Sam and Lola Sheen’s Stepfather?

Oddly enough, Simon Cowell divulged the information to Howard Stern that he once went on a blind date with Denise Richards – while she was eight months pregnant!

“She’s cute,” the British X-Factor judge and producer, 51, told Stern of the 40-year-old actress and reality star.

The pair were set up by mutual friends to meet at the Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills, California.

“She turned up 8 months pregnant and had a dog in her handbag,” Cowell said.

Stern insisted that being on a date with a pregnant woman bust have been a real “turn off.”

“A little bit,” Cowell admitted. “But she is gorgeous. I liked her a lot, I think she’s cute, funny, a bit of a wacko…but I like that.”

Nothing more came of their pairing afterwards. I suppose it wasn’t love at first sight.

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