Rebecca Gayheart Dishes On The Differences With Her Second Pregnancy

Expectant mom Rebecca Gayheart chatted about how different pregnancy is the second time around and whether or not she’s up for the challenges of being the mom of two!

What’s made it different is that I’m very focused on Billie … so I’m not very focused on [the pregnancy]. I’m not as neurotic. [With Billie] I was micromanaging everything I was eating and every little symptom I was feeling. And this pregnancy I just know everything’s okay.”

On having two little ones to run after:

“I’ve heard that’s very challenging. But I think I’m up for it. Eventually it’s going to be great because they’re going to be very close in age and very close, hopefully.”

She shares how Billie Beatrice, 17 months, is doing:

“She doesn’t want to eat her vegetables right now.  I’m sneaking it into food, so she doesn’t know she’s eating them, but she is!

She started singing lately.  She’s singing and it’s very sweet, her little, ‘La-la-la,’ [and] twirling. Oh my God. So cute.”

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