Samantha Harris Talks Baby Weight And Sibling Love

The always healthy-minded Samantha Harris, host at Entertainment Tonight and new mom for the second time around, shared that it wasn’t too much work to get back in shape after baby #2.

I’ve always been very health conscious and diligent about wanting to fit into a tight, good pair of jeans again. That was motivation for me.  I’m running after the kids [and] hitting the gym, whether it’s boot camp, cardio class or Bikram yoga.”

The happy mom also shared that her girls, Josselyn, 3, and Hilary, 8 months, are getting along famously:

“The baby’s incredibly happy and so is Josselyn and that’s all that we can ask for. What I love the most is watching [Hillary] giggle so hard when she hears or sees her big sister. That is just the most fun thing ever.”

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