David Beckham Credits His Upbringing For His Family Values

At the Do Something Awards over the weekend, soccer dad David Beckham dished on his close-knit family.

The celeb dad shared that he can finally start helping with daughter Harper’s feedings:

“It’s so important that they have that mother-daughter bond and breastfeeding, I think, is really an incredible thing.  We’re in the process of putting it in bottles now, so that means I get to feed her — which has been amazing.”

He also shared that the way he and Victoria were raised has played a big part in how they are raising their four children in a very hands-on way:

“It’s just the way [Victoria and I] were brought up as kids; it’s the way we are bringing our kids up.  We make sure that the most important thing to us is our family and we’re all grounded. No matter what goes on around us, no matter what situation it is, we come together as a family and we deal with it.”

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