The Joovy Tricycoo

Joovy’s new Tricycoo is a fabulous little trike that makes bike riding safe and easy for children as young as 18 months. Equipped with a steerable parents handle and locking wheels, you can push your younger child or set them free to pedal on their own once ready. Extra touches include a rear basket and a bell, often extra on similar trikes. The Tricycoo is also adjustable with 4 positions and ranges from 32.5 inches to 38 inches high, so it can grow with your little one as well. The parent handle easily pops off when you’re ready to let go, so this trike is great for long term use for you smaller children who really want to start rolling. The wheels are sports injection-molded wheels with urethane treads, that roll smoothly and quietly indoors and out, sure to make any mommy or daddy happy.

My favorite feature is the removable baby surround. These are little arms that wrap right around the youngest riders and help hold them steady and in place. Drop down the footrests as well and your little one is ready to ride and you don’t have to worry about them tumbling off or feeling nervous and unsteady. When ready, the arms remove, the footrests fold back up out of the way and slightly older riders can sit unaided with the feet on the pedals while you push, feeling a bit more independent with you still safely in control. When older riders are ready, everything can be converted over to a free-riding trike just be unlocking the wheel and removing the parent steering handle. It’s all as easy as that. This trike will hold up to 44 pounds, which will take you well through until your child is ready for a 2 wheeler. My 6 year old is right around 44 pounds if that gives you  an idea of how well suited this trike is for early riders and how well suited to carrying them safely through to a big boy or girl bike. The Tricycoo is fabulous . Even better it’s available in 4 colors (orange, black, pink and green), so everyone can be happy and have just the right trike. We have the Orangie and it’s been a big hit with my two youngest, ages 20 & 35 months, who fight over it and refuse to give it up (the older 2 are also quite jealous and are still hoping for a ride), so really our only problem is that we need more than one.

Easy for parents, great for kids, the Tricycoo is a fantastic little trike that will have your littlest riders rolling happily and safely for the long haul. The Tricycoo retails for $99.99. Please visit the Joovy site for more details. And be sure to check out the Joovy Moola for Yoo giveaway as well.

* A sample was provided for review purposes.

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