Matthew Broderick Tries To Explain His Back Surgery To Twins

Celebrity dad Matthew Broderick recently underwent back surgery and shared that it’s been hard for his two-year-old twin daughters, Marion and Tabitha,  to understand why dad isn’t able to do a few things.

“I’m not allowed to pick them up for awhile and it’s hard to explain. But they’re pretty good about it. They got it very quickly. I keep telling them, ‘I’ll be back…’”

He shares more about the girls:

“They are into talking, saying every new word.  They repeat everything a lot of times. Their ‘R’s and ‘L’s are not so good, but that will come.”

Matthew says that James Wilkie, 8, is getting into sports, but not exactly just for the fun of it:

He likes to take tennis in sports camp.  There is a girl and on the tennis court they actually just take out their Bey Blades and play … they don’t give a damn about tennis.”

Photos by Fame & Pacific Coast News

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