Tori Spelling’s Kids Helped To Heal Relationship With Her Mom

The difficult relationship between Tori Spelling and her mom Candy Spelling hasn’t been a secret, as some of their issues were played out in the media.  But the celebrity mom says her kids, Liam and Stella, have helped bring them back together.

“The kids [brought my mom and I back together], especially at their age. When they were babies it was important, but now they ask for her, they want to be with Grandma.”

“When I see her doing things with the kids it reminds me, ‘Oh my gosh, I remember when she did that with me,’ She was giving Stella butterfly kisses one day and she turned to me and goes, ‘Do you remember?’ And I said, ‘That you used to do that with me?’ And she goes, ‘Yeah.’”

She says that it’s given them a whole new outlook on their relationship:

“You get to have a whole new relationship with your parent through your children and I think that’s a really nice experience. No matter what has happened or has been said, you still love your parent no matter what and the parent loves the child no matter what.”

I’m so glad these two are still working on things and that it’s going well.  Family is so important and often the hardest relationships to mend, so kudos to them!

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