Linda Evangelista And Henri-Francois Pinault Battle Over Child Support

Model Linda Evangelista and Henri-Francois Pinault (husband to Salma Hayek, who also shares a 4-year-old daughter with him) are battling in court over child support of their son, Augustin, 4, who was conceived while Pinault and Hayek were on a ‘break’.  Up to this point Henri-Francois (a billionaire) hasn’t paid a dime in support, according to reports.

Linda is asking the court for $46,000 per month in support.  She says the money would go for:

  • an estimated $80,000 per year for a round-the-clock nanny
  • approx. 175,000 per year for drivers (who are retired police detectives)

The judge denied her request for an additional $7,500/per month for vacations.

Pinault’s lawyer argued that Linda makes plenty of money to support the child:

“She testified that she wants to have a 24-hour nanny because she does not want to be alone with the child … Miss Evangelista, you should understand, has a worth of more than $8 million, and she earned, last year, $1.8 million.”

Hmmm..where I live, it doesn’t matter what the mother’s income is – child support is based a set percentage of the father’s income.  I’m surprised he hasn’t had to pay anything for the past four years.

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