Melanie Brown Talks Pregnancy, Delivery, and More

Melanie Brown, who is expecting baby #3 with husband Stephen Belafonte, talked candidly with WebMD about her pregnancy, her eating habits, and why she refuses to reveal the due date.

The soon-to-be mom-of-three shared:

“I’ve been eating a lot. All day long, I don’t stop. I eat when I want and what I want.
I enjoy all the different phases,” she shares. “Sometimes it can get uncomfortable when you’re pregnant and you don’t feel sexy because everything is swollen and a bit tender. But it’s just about making the most of the situation that you’re in. Being pregnant is a beautiful thing.”

On why she’s keeping the due date to herself:

“I don’t like to put dates out there because there is so much pressure leading up to it.  And then, if you’re overdue, there’s the whole stress of having to say you’re five days overdue or you’re a week overdue … and that can get really frightening.”

On how she’ll manage the pain of labor:

“I experienced a lot of pain with my first delivery 12 years ago, so I’m going to opt for as little pain as possible and have an epidural. “

On her hopes to breastfeed:

“It is extra special to breastfeed and it is really healthy [for the baby], but not every woman can do it. I hope I’m able to, but if you can’t, you can still get that connection by feeding your baby with a bottle. It’s not as intimate, but you can still get that bonding.”

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