Autumn Reeser Shares How Her Routine Has Changed Since Baby Finn’s Arrival

Since the birth of her son Finneus almost three months ago, Autumn Reeser shares that taking time for herself each morning is a big part of her routine.

“I always feel better if I take the time to do my hair and makeup and get dressed well in the morning, so that was a priority to me to make work, even with a newborn.  Our new routine: After I feed Finn in bed in the morning, I give him to my husband to cuddle for 20 minutes while I get time to myself.”

Autumn also shares that new moms should take time to enjoy every second with their babies, because the time goes by so quickly:

“Before you know it, your once teeny baby will be toddling around the house and you’ll be longing for the days when you could cuddle his tiny body in one arm.  Even while you’re fighting through the lack of sleep and diapers and leaking milk, recognize that not too far in the future you will be missing these days with this brand new little person.”

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