Dad In Waiting: Benicio Del Toro

Walking through the crowd of extras and staff on the set of his new film Savages in Redondo Beach, California, Benicio Del Toro was looking extra nervous while on break from filming on Tuesday (July 26th). Perhaps he’s getting cold feet about the child he is about to have with ex-girlfriend Kimberly Stewart. Stewart, who’s managed to stay under the radar despite her controversial pregnancy, is due to give birth any day now.

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  1. robdean says

    20 years in hollywood and he ends up with a ho he should put his head down in shame.
    A ho played him for a fool Lol…Well at least his mother isn’t hear to see it but I bet his father new his life in LA would turn out this way…I doesn’t like women or he is gay!
    He was seeing her for weeks not a one night stand…kids look up to their mothers this one has a ho…how sad and a half puerto rican kid having to grow up in that house hold money doesn’t buy culture and identity.
    Benicio will have to count his savings as the stewart family will get every penny. Plus all the magazine deals to come

  2. jackie says

    20 year in hollywood, an oscar and he can’t find a women he ends up with rod stewart in drag…he has to be gay. I can’t actually believe he still is getting work or maybe he already signed up for it before he carefully statement which didn’t make any difference.

    He still looks like a dirty man….Everyone keeps saying he must have been drunk or it was a one night stand….he was seeing her for aleast 2 weeks…Now she will get all his money from his estate…how sad

    • AM says

      It’s sad and pathetic how he’s ended up. Yes 20 years in Hollywood and he hasn’t learnt a thing about women who deliberately get themselves pregnant by rich and famous men. If George Clooney and Leonard DiCaprio can lead a bachelor lifestyle without getting a woman pregnant I can’t see why it’s hard for BDT. He really needs to sort his life out! I hope the kid doesn’t inherit his estate not when the mother is KS. All he needs to do his put money into a trust fund for when the kid is older. This is why he should’ve got a vasectomy in the first place as all this could have been avoided!

    • Narla says

      Agree – Benicio needs to start concentrating on his career, cut down on the booze and stop sticking his d**k everywhere!

  3. Nadia says

    Still can’t believe how BDT could stoop soo low hooking up with KS – he must’ve been drunk!

  4. bianca says

    this article is giving FALSE INFOMATION It was never comfimed her due date nor that they ever dated! stupid liars!

  5. AM says

    ex-girlfriend Kimberly Stewart? lol!! This is the first article I’ve see that calls her that. More like a casual fling or one night stand in any case BDT should’ve double checked his protection (if any was used!) what a dumb ass!

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