Bill And Giuliana Rancic Looking Into Adopting From Italy

After years of trying to have a child together, Giuliana and Bill Rancic are looking into adoption. She shared:

“We were in Italy recently. We were there for two weeks and now it’s about to break that we are adopting a baby from Naples. It is true that we were there and it is something we talked about but we are not doing the paperwork.  It’s definitely something that I’ve thought about. I’m from Naples. I was born in a poor neighborhood and I always, in my heart, felt like it would be amazing to be able to adopt a child from Naples. I could give someone the opportunity I had. I would love to give back in that way and pay it forward.”

It wouldn’t even necessarily be a baby. I want to look at children too that have had no opportunity or tragedy in their lives.  Our idea was to go there and look for an orphanage. We discovered it’s a lot harder to adopt from Italy than we had thought. I’ve done a lot of research online and everyone said the way it works in Italy is you just have to go there. You can’t do it over the phone or online you have to go and meet face to face that’s how it works. Plus [this] is so personal we wanted to keep it under wraps, away from the cameras.”

Giuliana says that while they investigate their adoption choices, they haven’t ruled out another round of IVF:

There is a bigger plan for us. There is some reason we haven’t had a kid. Our kid hasn’t come yet for some reason. We really believe that.  We definitely will try IVF again but if IVF doesn’t work then that’s it. There are so many kids out there that need help but even if IVF does work I think adoption is the most selfless thing someone could do. It’s just so wonderful. I just feel such a connection to the little kids in Naples. I remember being on the street wanting a small piece of candy.”

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