Get Organized For The New School Year With Blue Sky Home Series

Get a head start on staying organized for the upcoming school year with Blue Sky’s Home Series line of products!

It’s great that we have our BlackBerrys, iPhones, and other electronic devices to help us keep track of appointments and schedules, but nothing beats SEEING it all laid out in one place and being able to scribble notes and whatnots.  Also, it’s so much easier for everyone in the family to see what is on the schedule – which is nearly impossible if it’s all held hostage on your phone.

  • The Blue Sky Home Series provides a smart, stylish solution for busy moms
  • To develop this innovative line, Blue Sky went directly to moms to learn real-life insights on how they manage their busy lives.
  • The Blue Sky Home Series fills a need that online calendars cannot – visual calendars provide access for various caregivers and can be centrally located within a home/ office.
  • The Blue Sky Home Series helps moms organize intuitively and successfully at a reasonable price.  14 different products range in price from $3.99 – $9.99

All products are available online or at your local Target store.

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