Kellie Pickler Is Taking Her Time When It Comes To Having Children

Just because Kellie Pickler tied the knot with Kyle Jacobs in January doesn’t mean she’s already looking to have kids.  The American Idol alum says that she is in no rush to make that huge leap.

I take that very seriously, and when Kyle and I are ready, then we will maybe cross that bridge if it ever gets here.  Maybe life gives us a surprise, but we’re married and we have stability in our lives, so if that does happen, we are prepared.”

She shared that too many young girls are having babies, thinking that because their friends did it, they should too!

“I don’t think people realize … the responsibility that comes along with it. It’s almost like a fad.  I don’t know what’s gotten into these kids where they feel like they have got to have a baby because their friend has one or whatever.  They don’t take into consideration that it’s a very selfish thing to do if you’re not prepared and ready.”

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