Jennifer Lopez’s Son Had A $6,000 Accident

Potty training doesn’t come easy for Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony.

During a Tuesday appearance on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, Anthony, 41, revealed that son Max, 3, recently used the pool as his personal bathroom.

“He had an accident in the pool. It got into the filtration system and they charged us to clean it. That was expensive,” Anthony recalled. “He took a $6,000 dump in the pool!”

Anthony revealed that him and Lopez thought they had potty training under control. But the twins, Max and Emme, seemed to have outsmarted them.

“In order to potty train them, every time they’d use the toilet we’d give them a lollipop. Three days passed and we ran out of lollipops,” Anthony said. “I’m like, ‘You should probably get them checked out if they’re using the potty that much.'”

What strategies did you find to work with potty training?

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  1. liv says

    Wait until they’re good and ready and they’ll practically train themselves! Worked for us. And rewarding with candy is probably the worst idea out there! Praise from the parents is all they need if you’ve set the foundation of good behaviour from when they’re tiny. Oh, and don’t use those terrible disposable ‘pull-up’ things–use good old-fashioned cloth training pants so they actually know when they’re wet or dirty, then they feel uncomfortable, and learn that they don’t like that feeling and choose to use the potty.

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