‘CSI: Miami’ Star Emily Procter Is Cherishing Every Second Of Motherhood

New mom Emily Procter chats about baby weight, teaching her daughter the Oscar Meyer balogna song, and missing midnight feedings!

Emily shared that despite gaining 45 pounds during her pregnancy, she is no rush to lose the baby weight.

“I think, ‘For who?’ Not for your child. Your child’s not looking at you and going, ‘Mmm, I love a clavicle. Let me nestle into that.

If at six months I’m carrying a lot of extra weight, then I’m going to get drastic about it.”

She admits that she misses the quiet time she and her daughter Philippa (nickname Pippa) spent together in the middle of the night:

When she started sleeping through the night — and I know there are people out there who are going to want to throttle me — I missed the quality time that the two of us had in the middle of the night. I just felt like it was the two of us, alone in the world.”

She jokes about not knowing what songs to sing to her baby girl, so she just did the best she could:

“I couldn’t remember any songs when she was first born, so I started singing the Oscar Mayer bologna song,.  I told him, ‘Look, there’s spelling in the song. I think that’s wonderful.’ And bologna is a difficult word to spell!”

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  1. says

    The way the star of CSI:miami Emily Procter is respecting her motherhood is really appreciable . She is really inspiring both as a mother and an actress.

  2. Erika Carolyn Young says

    I just love how down to earth Emily Procter is, while dealing with Hollywood and Motherhood.Emily Procter is such an inspiration as well as a beautiful actress. I wish nothing but the best for her and her baby girl Pippa.:)

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