Raw Fish For Heidi Klum’s Children

Heidi Klum is hoping to feed her children raw fish on holiday.

I don’t know how well that’s going to go over with the children, but the supermodel of daughters Leni (7) and Lou (20-months-old) and sons Henry (5) and Johan (4) with hubby Seal, is planning a trip to Italy and hoping to introduce them to some different eating habits.

She explained:

“What’s next? To go on a great holiday with my family. We’re going on a boat to Italy. I love when the kids can go and eat sea urchin and the sea urchin is literally going like this [waves hands].

“You cut the bottom off and then you eat it.

“That’s what they do when you go to [restaurant] Nobu or whatever – it’s the same sea urchin, so you might as well eat it when it first comes out of the sea.”

I’m even cringing at the thought of eating sea urchin!

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