Keith Urban’s Daughter Sunday Rose, The Little Singer

It looks like there’s another singer in the family!

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman’s three-year-old daughter Sunday Rose loves to sing.

“She loves to sing so who knows?” says Keith. “She sings a lot. She sings to her little sister (baby Faith Margaret) and to us. She never stops. Maybe the acting will come later but right now she looks like a singer to me.”

And then maybe dancing, and then she can be a triple threat. 😉

Keith is thankful that his love for Nicole and his children have really stopped his addictions for good, admitting that they were a cause of being afraid of “intimacy.”

“I think I’ve spent my life fearful of intimacy,” Keith said.

“The result was a feeling of ‘being without’, this hole I tried to fill with all those other things. The only thing that has really filled it has been the love of my wife and our daughters.”

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