Tia Mowry Is Relieved She’s Not Having Twins

With just one more month to go until her due date, actress Tia Mowry dishes with Parenting.com on her pregnancy and what a doting aunt her twin sister Tamera is already:

my sister seems to already be in love with my son, just as much as I am. [I think she secretly thinks my son is her son, too!]  I mean, twins share everything, right? She is always kissing, rubbing, patting, and hugging my belly. She is addicted to the belly! Sometimes, it can be a little bit much—but hey—she gets a pass. She is my twin after all, and she is going to be a great aunt.

Tia admits that she’s glad that she’s not having twins:

I am so relieved I am not having twins. I tell my mother almost every day I can’t believe she was able to carry all that extra weight. Having one baby kick you in the ribs is one thing, but two!? Additionally, I am extremely hormonal now with one baby, so could you image double the hormones? That spells double trouble already. To add to the pot of extra hormones, instead of breast feeding one, you are breastfeeding for two, bathing two, hearing two babies cry at the same time, you get the picture. That’s a lot of work!  Now knowing what my mother went through times two, I give her so much credit. I give ALL moms credit!  We are strong, beautiful, and wonderfully-made human beings.

She is ecstatic about meeting their new bundle of joy:

Even though my pregnancy has had its up and downs I am so excited about becoming a mother. I cannot wait to see my son’s face and just give him a huge kiss! I look forward to seeing the world through his eyes and just providing him the love that he truly deserves.

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