Matthew McConaughey’s Charity Work Inspired By His Children

Matthew McConaughey has been inspired by his own children to do charity work.

The actor has son Levi (2) and 18-month-old Vida with girlfriend Camila Alves.  MacConaughey and Alves have established the J.K. Livin Foundation to help teenagers lead active lives and make healthy choices, and study their own family life to identify how best to help other kids.

“We have children together! We see with our kids what things they need or what they have that we feel other kids need. She challenges me on what is going to make things better, what’s going to make things count.”

McConaughey also likes the gratification he gets from helping others, and is grateful that his foundation is able to help others in a way he enjoys.

He told gossip website

“I’ve had the instincts to help since I was a kid. I was raised that way. As a kid I was pushed to go give time in my community and it felt good. You learn as a kid. I learned from my parents that people that have, and people that are in a position that can, then give back in a way you can.

“The challenge is to find out which way to do that, which way is best for you that makes it personal but yet it’s something people need, because there are a million things people need. What do we do with my organization is something I love doing day to day.”

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  1. emily says

    Any person has an inspiration and if we talk about charity work, a person that is already doing this can be an inspiration for others. Yuri Mintskovsky was the person that made me thing more serous about charity work, I was impressed by this person and how he get’s involved in charity. I said to me:” If this man can do it with such passion, i can too”, and I was right:)


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