Kristin Chenoweth Plans To Have Babies One Way Or Another

Actress Kristin Chenoweth has a deep desire to have children someday.  She shared that adoption is a definite consideration if Mr. Right doesn’t come along.   She, being adopted herself, is open to the possibility of going that route:

“I’d like to do it with a partner.  I’d like to do it when I get married, but if that doesn’t happen and I still feel that desire, I would definitely consider adopting. Absolutely.”

Kristin isn’t picky, but she definitely wants a good guy who is kind:

“I get really turned off when men aren’t as kind to others as I’d like them to be,” she explained. They should be. That’s something I look for. Somebody that’s got their own gig going on. I don’t mean wealthy, I just mean has ambition and/or has their own life. And loves me for me.”

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