Vroom, Vroom…A Motorbike For Katie Price’s Son

Katie Price is not afraid to let her six-year-old Junior ride a motorbike since she bought one for his 6th birthday on Monday (6/13).

She tweeted:

“My gorgeous boy turns 6 today – he is going to LOVE his birthday presents and cake… and 1 big present he won’t expect! (sic)”

After debating on buying him a quad bike, after Katie’s research proved for them to be unsafe, she went for the expensive (almost $2,000) purchase of the motorbike.

Sources close to Katie say that there was a bit of a protest from campaigners disapproving the gift – but Katie stuck to her guns and says her child will always be supervised when playing with his new toy.

The source told the Daily Mirror newspaper:

“It’s a brilliant bit of kit, and totally adapted and designed for kids. Katie bought him a brand new helmet as well and she, or an adult, will be with him at all times whenever Junior rides around the garden. He won’t be going on public roads.”

Even the road safety group Brake was against the purchase.

Their spokesperson, Julie Townsend, said:

“Junior motorbikes are powerful machines that can and do seriously injure those who use them.

“For this reason they are totally inappropriate for children and we urge all parents to acknowledge this.

“Giving one as a gift is hardly responsible.”

What do you think about Katie giving her son the motorbike for his 6th birthday?!  I personally just shake my head in shame.

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  1. lily says

    My brothers an I had motorbikes when we were around that age. My Dad bought them for us and taught us to ride them. We had a huge back garden and he made a little track around it for us with a pond and a little mountain. We loved our bikes and had hours of fun on them. We were supervised and very safe. There was the odd fall but on grass and sand at low speeds it was never a big deal. I really think it depends on the child. We were all taught about the rules and dangers and were never reckless. If you have a smart well behaved child and you put safety precautions in place its no more dangerous than things like horse riding or even driving them around in the back seat of your car can be more dangerous.

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