Garcelle Beauvais Dishes On Her Pink-Loving Son

Garcelle Beauvais, mom to three-year-old twin boys Jax and Jaid, shared that their personalities are as different as their looks.

She shared that Jax is loving pink right now, but she’s not quite on board with it in some areas:

“Jax is into everything pink.  Yesterday, I tried to talk him out of buying pink Crocs at Target”

She couldn’t talk him out of it, so she instead had the clerk put them behind the register when they checked out.

“We got home, and he goes, ‘Where are my Crocs?’ I’m like, ‘They forgot to give them to us!’” she recalls with a laugh. “He was really bummed.”

Garcelle says that age 3 is much harder than 2 was.

“They definitely have their own opinions. “You’ll say, ‘Let’s get dressed.’ They’ll be like, ‘I don’t want those shoes!’ Or ‘Here’s some juice.’ [And they’ll say,] ‘Not in that cup!’”

“Threes are the hardest.  They’re more rambunctious … so that’s a little tougher.”

She shares their summer plans:

“I just want my kids to be outdoors.  I think now society wise, we’re always on the computer, on the phone or [playing] video games, so I just want them to be outside playing.”

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