Nick Lachey Talks Babies And Working With Big Brothers Big Sisters

Nick Lachey has worked with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program for many years and chatted with Parade magazine at this year’s Water Slide-A-Thon about his experience with the program and about becoming a father.

“I’ve been with my Little Brother for seven years. He’s 15 now, and the evolution of seeing him go from a shy, timid little boy to a young man in high school who has completely come out of his shell has been pretty awesome to be a part of. If I’ve affected his life in even the smallest of ways, it’s been more than worthwhile.”

On getting married and having kids with his partner Vanessa Minnillo:

“I’m assuming fatherhood is going to be a hundred times more intense than being a Big Brother, but watching a life develop in front of you is a bit of a parallel. I’m certainly looking towards it. I’d like to be a dad sooner than later. I’m getting up there. I’ve gotta catch up with my brother. He’s got two and I’ve got zero, so the pressure is on me!”

“I’m at a point in my life where I’m ready to start another chapter. Having kids is a big part of that. I’m excited for what comes next. Life is a journey, and I’m certainly ready to close this chapter and move on to the next.”

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