Keith Urban Finds Balance Between His Family And His Music

Keith Urban is making sure to keep his girls, wife Nicole Kidman and daughters Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret, at the top of his priority list when his new summer tour kicks off next week.

When I put this tour together, I structured it so I’m only gone maybe two or three days, maybe four days, – sometimes I do four days in a row, go home for a day or two or three, so I’m in and out. I don’t go out for weeks and weeks and weeks at a time. When we go to Canada and we do three weeks, I’ll bring the girls out for some of that run.”

The country singer said that his daughter Sunday Rose is becoming aware of his performances – and a little concerned:

“When we did the halftime show at the Dallas Thanksgiving game, she was very concerned about the pyrotechnics. And it was so funny because I thought it was exciting, but she came up afterwards and said, ‘Daddy! Fire! The fire! So close to the fire!’ “

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