Larry Birkhead Tries To Explain Anna Nicole’s Death To Dannielynn

Larry Birkhead is trying to parent his daughter Dannielynn Hope Smith-Birkhead, 4, the best way he can.  He shares in the latest issue of Us Weekly how he’s slowly attempting to explain to her how her mom, Anna Nicole Smith, passed away, without making it too scary.

Dannielynn knows that her mom passed away. She obviously doesn’t know the details .  At first I said, ‘Your mommmy’s up in the clouds.’  Then we were on a plane from Kentucky and she asked, ‘Which cloud is my mom on. Maybe she can come play?’ You have to be forthright but keep it on a kid-friendly level.”

He also says he could use a little work in the area of spoiling:

“It’s hard to flip from friend to parent. I overcompensate because she doesn’t have a mom and I probably give her more than I should.  I’m working on cutting down on the shopping sprees.”

I give Larry a lot of credit. I thought we’d be seeing Dannielynn all over the media after Anna Nicole died, but it’s really rare that he has her out where the paps are.  He seems to bring her out a few times a year and does an interview here and there.  But he doesn’t overexpose her to the press and photographers.   Hopefully it will give her a chance at a normal life.

The rest of his interview will be the new edition of the magazine.

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