Father Still Unknown For Lauryn Hill’s Child, But It’s Not Rohan Marley

Rohan Marley seems to be getting a little perturbed by the rumors swirling around that he’s Lauryn Hill’s unborn child’s father.

He tweeted:

“2 things. I’m not married and I don’t have anyone expecting anything. (sic)”

A reporter then responded to him, asking:

“So we are clear. 1.) You’re not married to your ex-wife or Lauryn, and 2.) She isn’t preggo w/your child, but someone else’s? (sic)

Rohan then responded, saying:

“That is correct until I say out of my mouth to the contrary.”

However, the tweets no longer exist, seems they’ve been removed from his page…hmm.

Photo courtesy of Rohan Marley’s website.

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  1. Tess says

    “the tweets no longer exist being removed from his page”
    The poor writing posted on this page recently is really starting to make me crazy!


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